We believe that over time, truly pure N Class Endlers will become more and more difficult to obtain.  It is our pleasure to offer these gems of the aquatic world and we are grateful to be able to help preserve these beautiful fish for future hobbyists.

Original 2006 Strain N Class Orchid Endlers

Male Orchid Endler

This was the first Endler strain we started raising.  We chose this strain because we felt it was one of most beautiful Endler strains available at the time.

Orchid Endlers have bright colors of orange and green that are set off by patches of dark black.

This Endler strain is one of the most colorful N Class Endler strains available.

Original Orchid Endlers from AdrianHD stock collected from the Cumana Region in 2006.


N Class Snakeskin Orchid Endlers (Orchid Endler Variation)

Male Snakeskin Orchid Endler

This beautiful & unique N Class Endler strain was developed in 2014 right here at OrchidEndlers.com by Marty Andersen.

This is NOT A HYBRID but a unique, genetically pure strain.  

This strain was created using a process of inbreeding, line breeding and a continual process of selective breeding using a naturally occurring variation which we found in one of our N Class Orchid Endler males.

Young males look nearly identical to the original Orchid Endlers and the snake pattern develops and intensifies as the males age.


N Class Orange Line Orchid Endler (Orchid Endler Variation)

Orange Line Orchid Endler for Sale

The uniquely simple Orange Line Orchid Endler was created from a single male that came from our N Class Orchid Endler population.

The Orange Line Orchid Endler has only two main colors, orange and black displaying a simple yet contrasting coloration.

The males are usually a little bit smaller than our regular Orchid Endlers.

This naturally occurring variation is a pure N Class strain and is not related or associated with El Salto Orange Line guppies.  This unique strain is based on pure Orchid Endler genetics.


Original 2006 Strain N Class Lime Green Endlers

Lime Green Endlers for Sale

Lime Green Endlers have large patches of metallic green color on the body and not as much black as Orchid Endlers.

Lime Green Endlers often have a light blue or white coloration on the dorsal fin as well as orange coloration on the tail and may have orange sections on the body.

Original Lime Green Endlers from AdrianHD stock collected from the Cumana Region in 2006.


Original 2011 Strain Pure (N Class) Blue Star Endlers

Blue Star Endlers for SaleThese pure Blue Star Endlers are the first Endler we have to offer that come from the Campoma region of Venezuela.

Blue Star Endlers were originally collected in 2011 by Phillip Voisin under a bridge in Campoma Village, Venezuela.

Our stock is original Blue Star Endlers from Phillip Voisin Cumana stock via Glen Hawkins via Kim Kastberg.


N Class Orange Line Snake Endlers (Snakeskin Orchid Endler Variation)

Orange Line Snake Endlers for Sale

This N Class Snakeskin Orchid Endler variation is another unique strain developed from what is often referred to as a throwback and is NOT the result of hybridization.

As with our Orange Line Orchid Endler the orange line is the main coloration found on the body of the Endler along with black coloration.  The other colors of green or blue are caused by the reflection of light at certain angles.

Juvenile Orange Line Snake Endlers have only black coloration as the orange coloration is the last color to form on adult Orange Line Snake Endlers.