In general we prefer Guppy / Endler hybrids that are similar in size to pure Endlers however we do offer some Endler hybrids that are larger in size.

RREA Albino Hybrid Snake Endlers

RREA Albino Snake Endlers for Sale

These RREA (Real Red Eye Albino) Albino Snake Endlers are a great choice for the experienced Endler or guppy breeder.

The males are “Endler size” making them ideal for smaller heated aquariums.

Unlike many albino strains, Albino Snake Endlers are quite hardy and easy to care for.

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Blond Hybrid Snake Endlers

Blond Hybrid Snake Endlers for Sale

Produced from our line of Hybrid Albino Snake Endlers, these Blond (Gold) Snake Endlers are a nice delicate looking strain with an “Endler like” appearance.

Like our Hybrid Albino Snake Endlers, the males are smaller “Endler size” and would make a great addition to a small heated aquarium.

Like most other Endlers the males are constantly showing off to the females and are a real pleasure to watch.

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Marty’s Hybrid Patchwork Endler

Marty's Hybrid Patchwork Endlers

This unique and colorful Endler hybrid is a cross between an Endler Hybrid and a pure Endler.

The resulting hybrid looks nothing like either strain. ┬áThese Endlers are a little larger and thicker than some of our other Endler hybrids having a more “guppy like” appearance.

The strain is hardy and easy to care for and can produce quite a few fry.

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Marty’s Blond Hybrid Patchwork Endler

Marty's Blond Patchwork Endlers for Sale

This Endler is a blond version of our Hybrid Patchwork Endler.

Because these Hybrid Blond Patchwork Endlers have little to no black pigment in their body the main colors that this strain displays is orange and green.

This is a very healthy and prolific strain that is easy to care for.

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