• Updated January 28, 2018

We are currently shipping out orders on Saturdays

We ship only to the Continental United States

We charge a flat fee of $16 for shipping and handling for all orders within the Continental United States no matter how much or how little you purchase.  We do not offer International Shipping at this time and cannot offer shipping outside the Continental United States.

Flat Rate Shipping

Items shipped using our regular “Flat Rate” shipping method are shipped in the method that is most cost effective for OrchidEndlers.com. Our most common shipping method is the USPS Priority Mail ®.  Most packages arrive within 2-3 days however we have no control over delivery once the package has left our hands.

We currently ship orders out on Saturday.  All orders received by Friday are shipped out on Saturday so that they should reach their destination by  Monday or Tuesday.

Express Shipping

We do not offer express shipping at this time.  However we may choose to offer Express Shipping during the Holiday season.

Live Arrival Guarantee

While DOA’s are extremely rare they do occur from time to time. Most DOA’s are the result of a package being lost during the cold winter months or due to package damage during shipping.

Some live fish shippers offer a live guarantee if you choose the more expensive Express Mail® method of shipping.  We offer our guarantee with all our regular Priority Mail® shipments.

Every shipment we send comes with our Live Arrival Guarantee. This means that if you have any fish that are DOA upon delivery due to circumstances that are out of your control, we will offer store credit in the amount of the loss.   Store credit is usually offered in the form of a coupon code.  No refunds store credit only.  We do not offer refunds but may at our discretion offer them when there are special circumstances or if it appears we are unable to ship our order without risk to the fish.

There are a few conditions to our Live Arrival Guarantee:

1. The shipment must be received on the first delivery attempt, or be picked up the day of the first delivery attempt. If you miss the delivery and the package is delayed a day or more because of it, we cannot accept responsibility for any losses. It is your responsibility to check the tracking number for delivery.

2. The shipment must be sent to the correct delivery address. NOTE: If UPS or USPS forwards your shipment in error or loses your package, we do cover that type of mistake. However, if we call your local UPS or USPS and there is a mail forward on file, our Live Arrival Guarantee is void.

3. In the event of a DOA, we REQUIRE a clear digital picture be sent to us with the fish in the bag with 2 hours of delivery before replacement/store credit/refund is issued. If there is damage to your package at the time of delivery we would be grateful for a picture of it as well. These pictures can be sent to us by replying to the order confirmation you received.  Please send the images to [email protected].

Free Fish:  From time to time we may ship extra fish with your order. These extras are shipped free of charge and DOA’s of these free fish are not included in the Live Arrival Guarantee and will not be refunded.

Please do not expect free fish with every order.   Free fish are shipped depending on the number of fish in stock as well as our evaluation of shipping risk and may be completely random.

Do not leave your fish unattended after delivery

If you are unable to attend to your fish when they are delivered please request “Hold For Pickup” when ordering. Requesting “Hold For Pickup” will require you to pick them up at the Post Office. Any DOA’s that are reported after 2 hours after first attempted delivery will not receive a refund of any kind.

We reserve the right to refuse any purchase.


Our fish are shipped in a special breather bag that allows CO2 out and O2 in. It is normal for this bag to have no air in it. Shipping your fish in this type of bag greatly reduces the stress caused by getting sloshed around inside the bag during shipping.

Please do not float the bag in the aquarium in order to acclimate your fish. We recommend the drip method of acclimation.