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This is yet another natural variation which occurred from our N Class Orchid Endler population.  From the only male like this that ever came from our Orchid Endler population we created this new Endler line using an inbreeding process.

The male caught our eye due to is simple beauty and contrasting orange and black coloration.

The male from which this strain was created appears to have been what is known as a throwback, possibly giving us a glimpse as to what Endlers may have looked like many years ago.

Although this Endler is the direct offspring of Orchid Endlers there have been other similar Endlers produced from other strains and has even been produced from hybrid Endlers.

As far as we are aware this is the first time a line that consistently produces similar males has ever been created and offered for sale.

The male Orange Line Orchid Endlers are usually a little smaller than most of our regular male Orchid Endlers.

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