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Marty's Hybrid Ghost Endlers for Sale
One (1) Pair of Marty’s Hybrid Ghost Endlers for Sale
One (1) Pair of Marty's Hybrid Ghost Endlers.  That's one (1) male and (1) female. We named this unique hybrid Endler Ghost Endlers due to it's nearly complete lack of coloration and the beautiful patterns that can be seen on the body of the males under certain lighting conditions. Male Ghost Endlers are typically a little bit smaller than most male Endlers with an overall length of between 1/2" and 3/4". Female Ghost Endlers grow to be 1" to 1-1/2" and sometimes larger. While male Ghost Endlers have some hidden colors and patterns female Ghost Endlers have no coloration.
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Marty’s Ghost Endlers are our latest hybrid Endler we have to offer.

We call this truly unique hybrid strain “Ghost Endlers” because they have almost no coloration at all and are somewhat transparent. There is an interesting pattern that can be seen on the body of the males only when the light hits them just right.

Because this is a very new strain there may be a few males that develop an easy to see snake pattern on the caudal fin.  Occasionally the fry may be born with the males growing up to show no coloration at all.  These males should be culled to prevent the strain from developing into a completely colorless strain.

These culls may be ideal to help produce unique Endler hybrids.

Female Ghost Endlers show no coloration.