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Blond Hybrid Snake Endler
Trio Blond Hybrid Snake Endlers for Sale
1 trio of Blond Hybrid Snake Endlers.  That's 1 male & 2 females Female Endlers have little to no coloration.  Males may be young and will have not developed their full coloration or fin lengths. As with other Endlers, Blond Snake Endlers will show best when introduced to a well planted tank, fed high quality food and when good lighting is used.
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Blond Hybrid Snake Endlers
Pair of Blond Hybrid Snake Endlers
One (1) pair of Blond Hybrid Snake Endlers. Fully mature male Blond Snake Endlers are smaller than male guppies and are more male Endler size (approximately 3/4"). The male in this young pair will not yet have fully developed it's final colors or full finage.  The male you receive will be approximately 1/2" to 3/4" in length however they should grow to be 3/4" to 1" in length when fully mature. The female you receive may be gravid (pregnant) and will be be approximately the same size as the males or larger depending on our current stock..  The females should grow to approximately 1-1/4" to 1-1/2" when fully mature.
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When we first purchased our Hybrid Albino Snake Endlers they produced a small number of blond (gold) offspring. We worked for over a year to perfect the Albino Snake Endler strain to make sure they would breed true.

Fortunately we also decided to work on the few blond Snake Endlers that were produced from the original Endlers. We bred them into their own beautiful and delicate looking strain.

The females have very little color however they are lighter in color than regular female Endlers. These females may grow quite large and produce large drops of fry. The male blond Snake Endlers look amazing and are smaller Endler size not guppy size just like our RREA Snake Endlers.

Like most other Endlers the males are constantly showing off to the females and are a real pleasure to watch.

Although this strain looks quite delicate they are very hardy and easy to care for.