Orchid Endler Livebearers

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orchid_with_fryThe Orchid Endler has more black coloration than any other Endler’s Livebearer strain.  They probably have largest number of different colors than any other Endler’s strain.  The black colors help to show off the other bright colors.

The colors differ in appearance from one fish to another with assorted metallic body colors.

These colors can be orange, green, red, light blue, violet, silver, yellow.  Many times several colors can be found on one fish.

The dorsal fin can be colored or colorless an can vary in length.

Orchid Endler’s usually have a bottom sword but may also have a smaller top sword.  There are sometimes more than one bottom sword.

The sword is often not a true sword but a variation of color in the caudal fin that makes it appear to have a sword.  Some males may have swords that extend well beyond the caudal fin.

Sword colors are commonly red, orange, light blue or white.  The sword may have a combination of two or more colors.

The Orchid Endler strain was line bred and developed by Adrian Hernandez (AdrianHD) after it was collected from the wild in 2006 from an undisclosed location in the Cumana Region of Venezuela.

AdrianHD has chosen not to disclose the exact location where the Orchid Endler was collected in an effort to protect his line breeding efforts from unscrupulous individuals that would say that they collected the specific strain themselves in the wild.

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