Adding Hybrid Endlers To Our Inventory

Blond Snake Endlers
Blond Snake Endlers (K Class Hybrid)

While providing the best quality N Class Endlers has always been priority for us we cannot ignore the efforts of those who have created some absolutely gorgeous hybrid Endlers as well as the high quality P Class Endlers we come into possession of from time to time.  If possible we always attempt to give credit to those who first produced some of these beautiful Endler Hybrids.

Our goal has never been to create our own hybrid strains it has always been to try to build upon the work that others have started in order to help produce some of the most beautiful Endlers available in the hobby and to try to make sure those beautiful strains constantly produced relatively similar offspring.  Our hope is by helping the strains that we enjoy the most we can make sure that these special strains stay in the hobby for many years to come rather than fading away as so many guppy strains have in the past.

We have been fortunate to be able to obtain some very rare hybrid strains and even some rare guppy strains that we hope to offer within the next year.  We are grateful to those hobbyist that helped us obtain these special strains in order to help make them more widely available in the hobby.

Blue Snake Endler
P Class Blue Snake Endler

Although we have never set out to create our own strains we do watch for unique Endlers that show up in our populations.  These Endlers are set aside and allowed to grow out to adulthood giving us an opportunity to see what they may have to offer to the hobby if a new strain was developed from these unique Endlers.  Every so often nature provides us with something truly unique.  When these rare Endlers show up in our populations and we see real potential from them as they grow out to adulthood then we do our best to attempt to create a stable strain from these unique Endlers.

We have been fortunate that nature has provided us with some real beautiful Endlers that are producing consistent offspring.  Once the strain is producing consistent offspring we then use selective breeding to further modify the new strain to bring out the unique qualities of the strain.

A prime example of this is our pure N Class Snakeskin Orchid Endlers.  This beautiful strain began with a single male that was produced from our population of N Class Orchid Endlers.  We worked to create a stable strain and while we were working on producing consistent Endlers we also looked at some of the attributes that were being displayed by the offspring.  From there we noted all of the traits we liked and envisioned the “perfect” example for that strain.  From there we worked towards creating Endlers that were as close as possible to our “perfect” vision.

Sometimes while working on one aspect it would affect our efforts in another area.  For this reason we kept several lines so that we could bring back any traits that might get lost or modified in the process.  While the strain is very close to what we have been working for we will likely always be working towards “perfection” with this unique strain as well as others.

In the case of our N Class strains we do our best to keep these strains as close to what they looked like when they were first released into the hobby.  The only changes we attempt to make is to try to intensify the colors and define the patterns as much as possible.  Our hope is this will help these beautiful strains from becoming faded and washed out which would make them less desirable to the hobby.

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