Beautiful fish from OrchidEndlers.com

OrchidEndlers.com offers N Class Orchid Endler’s Livebearers as well as other Endler’s strains for the hobbyist that desires to have true documented N Class Endler’s (Poecilia wingei).

OrchidEndlers.com offers the opportunity to have your name listed on our list of registered breeders / keepers for those who purchase a sufficient quantity of Endler’s to start your own colony.

This registry allows our customers to show where there Endlers came from and to trace their linage all the way back to Venezuela.

Although we have quite a large number of fish to offer, we are fish hobbyists just like you.  Our fish kept in indoor tanks ranging from 10 gallon to 55 gallons rather than huge outdoor tanks.  This helps give us incredible control over our breeding stock.

At OrchidEndlers.com our breeding stock is carefully hand selected.  Fry are separated from our breeding stock soon after they are born and are placed into tanks where they can mature.  Once the males are old enough to be distinguished from the females they are separated from the female fry and placed in all male observation tanks.  As these fish grow we look for those traits that we wish to have passed on in future generations of Endler’s.

It’s these specially selected Endlers that eventually become our new breeding stock.

In this manner we at OrchidEndlers.com have been able to keep the intense colors and patterns that make our Endler’s so desirable.

From time to time we find males that for one reason or another really stand out above the rest.  These males are special males that we may choose to place in our general breeding tanks or they may have unique traits that we wish to continue to develop separately as is the case with our Snakeskin Orchid Endlers.

Our goal is to produce the highest quality and most beautiful Endler’s we can.  We hope you may someday have the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of our labors and purchase some of these incredibly beautiful, active and easy to care for fish from OrchidEndlers.com.