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Pure N Class Endlers (Poecilia wingei), Hybrid Endlers and Other Endlers for Sale

Snakeskin Orchid Endler

Home Of The Pure N Class Snakeskin Orchid Endler

 Is There More Than One Type of Orchid Endler?

There is only one type of Orchid Endler which was originally developed by Adrian Hernandez in 2006 however Orchid Endlers are a highly variable strain.  Although we offer other Endlers and even guppies, our specialty is raising Orchid Endlers and unique variations of Orchid Endlers.  All of the Orchid Endlers we offer are pure N Class Orchid Endlers that originated from our colony of documented original 2006 strain of N Class Orchid Endlers.

The original 2006 strain of pure Orchid Endlers is highly variable and subtle differences are common.  In fact, unlike other types of fish, no two Orchid Endlers are exactly identical.  From time to time (one in thousands) an extremely unique Endler is produced from our Orchid Endler colony.  If we find the unique Endler pleasing or interesting in appearance we attempt to inbreed and line breed the unique Endler until a stable strain producing similar offspring is produced.  This process can take years and is not always successful.  Our favorite Orchid Endler variation thus far is the Snakeskin Orchid Endler which was produced in 2014 from a single male variation coming from our pure N Class Orchid Endler colony.

Are These Natural Variations Still N Class Endlers?

The definition of an N Class Endler is:  Any Endlers Livebearer (and progeny) that can be shown to have originated from their native waters in Venezuela will be considered a ‘Class N’ Endler.  Because all of our unique Orchid Endler strains came from our original documented 2006 Orchid Endler colony they are the progeny of pure N Class Orchid Endlers and therefor are N Class Endlers.  We often include “Orchid Endler” in the name of the variation to help show that they originally came from Orchid Endlers even though they may look quite different.  To date the pure N Class Orchid Endler variations we have introduced into the hobby are:

Snakeskin Orchid EndlersOrange Line Orchid Endlers, and Orange Line Snake Endlers.

Pure N Class Orchid Endlers & Variations For Sale

While each of these Endler strains may look entirely different they are actually all pure N Class Orchid Endlers having all come from our original pure N Class Orchid Endler stock

Original 2006 Strain Pure (N Class) Orchid Endlers

Male Orchid Endler

This was the first Endler strain we started raising.  We chose this strain because we felt it was one of most beautiful Endler strains available at the time.

Orchid Endlers have bright colors of orange and green that are set off by patches of dark black.

This Endler strain is one of the most colorful N Class Endler strains available.

Original Orchid Endlers from AdrianHD stock collected from the Cumana Region in 2006.


N Class Snakeskin Orchid Endlers (Orchid Endler Variation)

Male Snakeskin Orchid Endler

This beautiful & unique N Class Endler strain was developed in 2014 right here at OrchidEndlers.com by Marty Andersen.

This is NOT A HYBRID but a unique, genetically pure strain.  

This strain was created using a process of inbreeding, line breeding and a continual process of selective breeding using a naturally occurring variation which we found in one of our N Class Orchid Endler males.

Young males look nearly identical to the original Orchid Endlers and the snake pattern develops and intensifies as the males age.


N Class Orange Line Snake Endlers (Snakeskin Orchid Endler Variation)

Orange Line Snake Endlers for Sale

This N Class Snakeskin Orchid Endler variation is another unique strain developed from what is often referred to as a throwback and is NOT the result of hybridization.

As with our Orange Line Orchid Endler the orange line is the main coloration found on the body of the Endler along with black coloration.  The other colors of green or blue are caused by the reflection of light at certain angles.

Juvenile Orange Line Snake Endlers have only black coloration as the orange coloration is the last color to form on adult Orange Line Snake Endlers.


N Class Orange Line Orchid Endler (Orchid Endler Variation)

Orange Line Orchid Endler for Sale

The uniquely simple Orange Line Orchid Endler is a naturally occurring variation of pure N Class Orchid Endlers and is NOT related or associated with El Salto Orange Line guppies.

The Orange Line Orchid Endler has only two main colors, orange and black displaying a simple yet contrasting coloration.

The males are usually a little bit smaller than our regular Orchid Endlers.  Female Orange Line Orchid Endlers look similar to most other pure Endler females.

This is a pure N Class Endler strain and is NOT a hybrid.


Other Pure & N Class Endlers For Sale

Documented Pure or N Class Endlers:  These Endlers can be traced all the way back to Venezuela where they were collected.  See our Breeder/Keeper Registry for documentation.

Original 2006 Strain Pure (N Class) Lime Green Endlers

Lime Green Endlers for Sale

Lime Green Endlers have large patches of metallic green color on the body and not as much black as Orchid Endlers.

Lime Green Endlers often have a light blue or white coloration on the dorsal fin as well as orange coloration on the tail and may have orange sections on the body.

Original Lime Green Endlers from AdrianHD stock collected from the Cumana Region in 2006.


Original 2011 Strain Pure (N Class) Blue Star Endlers

Blue Star Endlers for Sale
These pure Blue Star Endlers were the first Endlers we offered that come from the Campoma region of Venezuela.

Blue Star Endlers were originally collected in 2011 by Phillip Voisin under a bridge in Campoma Village, Venezuela.  Our stock is original Blue Star Endlers from Phillip Voisin Cumana stock via Glen Hawkins via Kim Kastberg.

The predominant colors are blue and orange.



Hybrid Endlers

The Endlers in this section are hybrids or what is known as K Class Endlers.

RREA Albino Hybrid Snake Endlers

RREA Albino Snake Endlers for Sale

If you’re looking for something uniquely different these RREA (Real Red Eye Albino) Albino Snake Endlers are a great choice for the experienced Endler or guppy breeder.

The males are “Endler size” making them ideal for smaller heated aquariums.  Female Albino Snake Endlers can grow to be quite large.

Unlike many albino strains, Albino Snake Endlers are quite hardy and easy to care for.


Blond Hybrid Snake Endlers

Blond Hybrid Snake Endlers for Sale

Produced from our line of Hybrid Albino Snake Endlers, these Blond (Gold) Snake Endlers are a nice delicate looking strain with an “Endler like” appearance.

Like our Hybrid Albino Snake Endlers, the males are smaller “Endler size” and would make a great addition to a small heated aquarium.

Like most other Endlers the males are constantly showing off to the females and are a real pleasure to watch.


Marty’s Hybrid Ghost Endler

Marty's Hybrid Ghost Endlers for Sale

A uniquely beautiful translucent hybrid Endler strain.

Named “Ghost Endlers” due to their lack of coloration and translucent body.  Males have a beautiful pattern on the body that can only be seen under certain lighting conditions.

Because this strain is very new, they may throw a few males that have a snake pattern on the caudal fin or in some cases may have no coloration at all.


Marty’s Blond Hybrid Patchwork Endler

Marty's Blond Patchwork Endlers for Sale

This Endler is a blond version of our Hybrid Patchwork Endler.

Because these Hybrid Blond Patchwork Endlers have little to no black pigment in their body the main colors that this strain displays is orange and green.

This is a very healthy and prolific strain which shows a lot of variation.


Marty’s Hybrid Patchwork Endler

Marty's Hybrid Patchwork Endlers

This unique and colorful Endler hybrid is a cross between an Endler Hybrid and a pure Endler.

The resulting hybrid looks nothing like either strain.  These Endlers are a little larger and thicker than some of our other Endler hybrids having a more “guppy like” appearance.

The strain is hardy and easy to care for and can produce quite a few fry.


Green Tiger Endler

Multicolored Tiger Endler

This beautiful Tiger Endler are similar in appearance to our original Multicolored Tiger Endler strain we lost during a move.

These beautiful Green Tiger where originally supplied to us as a gift from our friend and fellow hobbyist Brooke Hoffman.  According to Brooke, although these beautiful Endlers look similar to the Multicolored Tiger Endlers their genetics are different

We have noticed that their coloration seems to be much more stable than the Multicolored Tiger Endlers we used to offer.


Why Shop at OrchidEndlers.com?

What Are N Class Endlers?

“Any Endlers Livebearer (and progeny) that can be shown to have originated from their native waters in Venezuela will be considered a ‘Class N’ Endler.”

Simply put, in order to be considered N Class Endler there needs to be documentation showing that they came from their native waters in Venezuela.  Many Endlers sold today as N Class are sold without the seller being able to offer documentation or records showing that they originated from their native waters in Venezuela.

To help maintain the line of documentation we offer a Breeder/Keeper Registry that will help show where your Endlers came from up to the point that you purchased them from us.

What Are P Class Endlers?

“Any fish of unknown origin but appearing to be an Endlers Livebearer based on the characteristics of size, shape and color will be considered a ‘Class P’ Endler.”

Endlers that appear to be pure Poecilia wingei but have no documentation showing where they came from fall under the category of P Class Endlers.  Even though they may appear to be pure Endlers without documentation showing where they came from they should not be offered as N Class but rather P Class.

A vast number of Endlers sold today as N Class have no documentation and therefore should be offered as P Class.  Many pet shops offering N Class Endlers cannot provide such documentation or records.

What Are K Class Endlers?

“The progeny of any Endler’s Livebearer crossed with any other livebearer or any Hybrid strain will be considered a ‘Class K’ Endler.”

Even if an Endler appears to be 100% pure Endler, if it has been crossed with any other livebearer or hybrid it is considered a K Class Endler.  Once a line of Endlers have been crossed with any other type of livebearer the resulting offspring can never be or ever produce N Class Endlers.

There are many beautiful K Class (hybrid) Endlers that are wrongly being offered as N Class or pure Endlers.  Care should be given to make sure that K Class Endlers are always offered as K Class to help protect the purity of the pure Endler bloodlines.

Orchid Endler
Orchid Endler
Blue Snake Endlers
Blue Snake Endler
Lime Green Endler
Lime Green Endler
Orange Line Orchid Endler
Orange Line Orchid Endler
Marty's Patchwork Endlers
Marty’s Patchwork Endlers
Snakeskin Orchid Endler
Snakeskin Orchid Endler
Marty's Ghost Endlers for Sale
Marty’s Ghost Endler
RREA Albino Snake Endlers for Sale
RREA Albino Snake Endler
Orange Line Snake Endler
Orange Line Snake Endler
Marty's Blond Patchwork Endler
Marty’s Blond Patchwork Endler
Blue Star Endler
Blue Star Endler
El Tigre
El Tigre Endler
El Silverado Endlers
El Silverado Endler
Blond Snake Endler
Blond Snake Endler
Multicolored Tiger Endler
Multicolored Tiger Endler

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Pure Wild Stock N Class Endlers Livebearers

Endlers Livebearers (Poecilia wingei), sometimes called Endlers Guppies are closely related to guppies (Poecilia reticulata). They are so closely related that Endlers can easily cross breed with guppies and produce fertile hybrid offspring.

If you happen to find Endlers at your local pet shop they are very likely to be hybrids even though they may be advertised as N Class.  Even in the unlikely event that the local pet shop was able to get pure N class Endlers they usually have difficulty keeping them away from other livebearers and end up with hybrids or females that have been exposed to guppies or mollies.

Once a female Endler has been exposed to a male guppy the female can produce several drops of hybrid fry even if they are never again exposed to another male guppy.

Local pet shops also have a difficult time providing documentation showing where the Endlers originated and linking them back to the original Endlers brought back from Venezuela.  This documentation is very important if you ever wish to offer your Endlers to others as N Class Endlers.

There have been some wonderful looking Endler/Guppy hybrids produce in recent years and due to the number of strains of both Endlers and guppies there is likely to be many other fantastic looking hybrids produced in the future.

There are some who believe that Endlers and Guppies are destine to become one and the same as they are allowed to hybridize over the years.

Why make sure that you have pure wild stock Endlers?

Great care has been taken to help preserve the pure genetics of Endlers Livebearers of the unique qualities of this beautiful tropical fish as well as the rarity of Endlers in the wild.

There have even been rumors that some pure strains of Endlers may be extinct in the wild.  While there are still Endlers being captured in the wild, many of the new strains found are believed to be wild Endler/Guppy hybrids.

This is because much of the wild Endler habit now contains a population of wild guppies making cross breeding possible.

Endlers Colors

Endlers usually have wonderful metallic colors on them. Green is the most common metallic color however there are also purples, blues, yellows and other colors. Another trait that is often found in Endlers is the bright orange or red colors that they have. This color is often very bright resembling the color hunter orange used by hunters to help improve their visibility.

Class K Endler vs. Class N Endler

K Class RREA Snake Endler (Hybrid)

Once a guppy is crossed with an Endler the offspring can never be pure Endlers and are known as K class Endlers.

These hybrids can produce beautiful results and may have traits that are associated both with Endlers and Guppies.  Recently we have begun offering Class K Endlers (Endler Hybrids) as many  them have become quite rare.

Our goal is to provide hobbyists with the best quality pure Endlers available as well as some of the rarest and most beautiful hybrid Endlers possible.

We take great care to ensure our pure N Class Endlers keep their pure genetics and we work hard to maintain great coloration by maintaining pure genetics and careful control of our breeding stock.

N Class vs. Wild Type

Just because an Endler is classified as N Class doesn’t necessarily mean that the strain can be found in the wild.  N Class simply means that the Endler is genetically pure or “pure Endler” and that the strain can be traced back to it’s origin in Venezuela.

There are many strains of N Class Endlers that while genetically pure they are not found in the wild.  An example of this would be our Snakeskin Orchid Endlers.  Other examples of N Class Endlers that are not found in the wild are Top Yellow Sword, Top Bar Red Endler, Snake Top Bar, Top Blue Sword and White Peacock Endlers which are strains developed by breeder AdrianHD.

There are also several strains of Endlers that are found in the wild that are not pure Endlers as they have naturally hybridized with wild guppies.  Many of the Campoma Endlers discovered after 2007 are believed to have some guppy genes in them due to natural hybridization


Register as an N Class Endler Breeder / Keeper

When you purchase a minimum of 3 pairs of one strain of N Class Endlers from us you have the opportunity to become a registered Breeder / Keeper.  This makes it easy for you to share the N Class status of your Endlers.  All you have to do is request to be added to the registry at the time you order.

Breeder / Keeper Registry

male endler

Why Keep Endlers Livebearers

Sometimes referred to as Endlers Guppies, Endlers Livebearers are easy to care for and can even do well in small tanks and fish bowls.

It is recommended that the tanks or bowls have a lid and a heater at a minimum and to include only males to prevent the tank from being overrun by young Endlers.

Endlers (Poecilia wingei) are quite fun to watch as they are quite active and will swim throughout all levels of the tank. The males spend most of their time courting the females.

Because the males are so relentless to the females it’s best to have more females than males or keep only males if you don’t desire to have breeding take place.

Although closely related to the guppy, pure Endlers have a look and personality that’s all their own. Male Endlers are typically smaller than Fancy Guppies with a bright coloration that has somewhat of a metallic look.

The most common colors found in Endlers are green, orange and black however they may also have purple, blue, red, yellow and other colors.

Male Orchid Endler's Livebearer

Some Differences between Endlers and Guppies

The male Endlers don’t have the long flowing delta tails that are seen on most Fancy Guppies in pet shops today however they may have a small sword on the tail depending on the strain.

This “sword” is usually just a coloration on the tail fin rather than a true sword. Some males may develop swords that are actual swords extending slightly beyond the tail fin.

Due to our selective breeding process many of our male Endlers have swords that are much longer sword than normal.

Male Fancy Guppies don’t usually have swordtails however hybrid crosses between Endlers and guppies often result in males with long flowing swordtails.

The intensity of the colors vary depending on their health, living conditions, and of course genetics. Endlers that are left to breed uncontrollably may tend to produce offspring that have washed out colors over time.

Controlled breeding is important if you desire to have the brightest, most colorful Endlers possible.

orchid endler

Caring for Endlers

Endlers are easy to care for and breed quite prolifically. As long as the tank is not over populated and there is plenty of hiding places for the young the fry will not normally be eaten by the adult Endlers with the exception of the very large older female Endlers.

For best coloration Endlers love lots of live plants in their environment and their tank should have a partial water change (1/3) every 2 -3 weeks. Small amounts of food should be given to the Enders several times a day if possible with a minimum of twice a day.

Never feed your Endlers more than they can eat in 2-3 minutes at a time. Just about any high quality flake food will do fine. You may wish to crush up the flakes to make it more palatable to your Endlers.  Learn more:   Feeding Your Endlers for Color & Health.

Endlers will survive in a wide range of temperatures but will not tolerate cold temperatures so an aquarium heater is required if the room temperatures ever drop below 65 deg. F.

Overall the Endlers Livebearer is one of the easiest aquarium fish you may have the pleasure of owning. They are active and beautiful. They are generally peaceful and should get along with most other peaceful tropical fish.

Pure Blue Star Endlers

Blue Star Endler

This is our first strain of the Campoma Endlers or Campoma wingei.

Sometimes known as Blue Voisin Endlers these are not the japan Blue Guppies that are sometimes referred to as Japan Blue Endlers (not true Endlers); these are pure Blue Star Endlers from Venezuela, a completely different fish altogether!

Why We Offer P Class Endlers

Recently we have begun to keep a few P Class Endlers.  While our main focus has been and always will be to offer pure N Class Endlers we decided that it was important for us to keep some of the best P class Endlers available here in the United States.

N class Endlers are classified as such due to the documentation or records showing that they came directly from the wild Endlers from Venezuela or are the progeny thereof.

There are several strains that are popular in Europe that are difficult to obtain in the United States.   Many of these beautiful strains are nearly impossible to obtain here in the United States with documentation showing their origins.

We have been fortunate to be able to get some of the best stock available to offer to hobbyists here in the United States.  Unfortunately many of these strains while appearing to be pure (and usually offered to us as pure) do not have the documentation required to be able to call them N class Endlers.

Because these Endlers do not have documentation all the way back to their origination in Venezuela but appear to be pure Endlers we offer them as P class Endlers.


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